Sous un même toit

Sous un même toit is a decorating company where a variety of multi-talented artists and designers operate.

The company was created in 2000 by Dave Thibeault who is a passionate enthusiast of all forms of art, namely sculptures, etchings, drawings, paintings, etc. With time, he has surrounded himself with a stellar team of professionals who are more than qualified to meet your requirements and take on the challenges at hand.

The company offers 8 different specialities

In 2001, following a trial and experimentation period, Dave succeeded in fine tuning the technique for moulding 3D photographs. This hand-crafted procedure brings out in three dimensions most or all of the details within a photograph or a picture, thus creating the ideal gift and souvenir.

The company’s most distinctive component is the Christmas decorations. In fact, a number of large-scale projects have been created for a variety of major companies in and around Montreal.

The sky is the limit! We thank you for your attention, and we look forward to meeting you, showing you our portfolio, and preparing a proposal which would meet your needs. Sous un même toit will dazzle you!

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