The Magic of Christmas

Christmas never ceases to amaze us with the magic and luminous aura which transforms our scenery and enhances it with ornaments, pine trees, and gifts. To create this wonderful ambiance, we highly recommend that you turn to our team of professionals who never cease to improve with the years.

For the past ten years, Sous un même toit has created a number of large-scale projects for the Christmas season in various locations, namely, the downtown Telus Tower, the Cours Mont-Royal, the Montreal-Trust Place, St-Hubert BBQ, the Caisse populaire Desjardins, the Scotia Bank, the Marriott, the Holiday Inn – these are some of our satisfied clients who come back year after year.

For a magical backdrop, a modest one suited to your budget, be it residential or commercial, interior or exterior, artificial or natural.

We care and respect the environment, therefore we take great pain to choose naturally cultivated trees.

All our services are guaranteed, and you have a choice of purchasing or leasing.

Because Christmas decorations require extensive planning, we suggest that you call us about 6 months before your deadline to give us time to design a project that will suit all of your needs, and allow us to order and prepare all the required material.

Trust our team to magically illuminate your Christmas!

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